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Artists Management

Your growth is our goal. 

Artist Agenda provides full artist management services aligning with each of our artist’s goals to understand the talent and reach the true potential of the artist. Our advisory board will provide support guiding the artists every step of the way.

Under our Artist Management service the following are offered;

1) Managing Sales

We focus on making this journey the easiest for you.  When we say we will talk care of everything, we mean everything.

  • Brand Endorsements
  • Manage Events and Gigs (Including weddings, concerts, and anything you can think of)
  • Partnerships that brings revenue

2) Merchandise Management

We will support increasing the revenue of artists by providing sales and marketing services for not only existing merchandise but also by creating new merchandise. We will handle the logistics and financial services on behalf of the artist.

3)  Music Distribution & Publishing

4) Audio & Video Production

5) Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR Management

We will take you to where you want to go. We specialize in Marketing. Based on each artist’s goals and objectives, we will work to make your name known and establish a loyal fan base.

Be it an album release promotion or a release of a single. We will create strategies based on each requirement and create content to achieve your goals to create a buzz around your name and make your mark within the public. We will enhance your social media presence, web presences and make you known in the industry.

✅ Social Media Management 
✅ Manage All Digital Assets
✅ Digital Strategy
✅ Content Creation